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Vrijstaand Huis Almere Oosterwold
Boerderij op IJburg
uitbreiding huis Friesland


Florians experience and the practicability of his designs make me recommend him to my clients, and recently made me involve him in the adaptation of our own sustainable house.

Rene Dalmeijer, contractor

Florian has the talent to turn something simple as an extension into something extraordinary, surprising and esthetic.

Remco Zeedijk + Dessy Raveda, Amsterdam

Florian Eckardt has done several projects for us in recent years, including a roof terrace and theĀ ereplanning of anĀ appartement. Florian came with out of the box ideas every time. They surprised us and we are very happy with them still today. The result is smashing!

Serge van Groningen and Odette Guldenaar

During the first contact, we gave our architect two short clues: “round” and “daylight”. He interpreted these creatively and with inventiveness. We live with great pleasure in our round, day-lit home.

Jan + Ineke Blom, Teteringen

Florian likes to colour outside the lines, without exaggerating. In our case this lead to a special house. During the design he looked specifically at the context of the dwelling. He is quite involved not only before but also during and after realization.

Marcel Krakeel, Breda