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As a foreign resident in the Netherlands wishing to build or change your home, you are looking for an experienced full service architect with local knowledge and contacts to regional builders and contractors.

I am Dutch and speak English and German fluently, as well as French. I lived in the UK and in Germany for several years working as an architect and have served various foreign clients with specific wishes. I live and work in Amsterdam, married to an American architect.

Besides my communicative skills, I understand your needs that may well differ from Dutch conventional solutions. I have worked both on luxury high-end homes and modest ones, utilizing different combinations of materials. In Dutch cities, space may be limited and you want to make the most of it, creating a special place to call home.

Since you may not know the local market and regulations and since you may have limited time available, you need a party you can trust with your budget and planning. I know reliable builders and contractors I have worked with before. I collaborate with interior architects and other advisors in a team where useful.

I can meet you, and do a quick scan in order to help you make a decision about a property. After that, I can prepare an itemized proposal for my design tasks and customize it to your wishes. Where necessary, I can propose and coordinate other advisors such as structural engineers or landscape architects.

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