Florian Eckardt

Florian Eckardt: the understanding of client wishes, material properties and built context leads to good design. It brings forward specific solutions and architecture that suits its surroundings and its users.
Also regarding sustainability, an individual approach leads to more than a general one. For instance, a healthy environment is something you create for yourself, a personal act that contributes to a sustainable environment aside from political agendas.
I grew up in Brabant with German grandparents and then studied in St Paul, Delft, Berlin and Aarhus. After that I worked as an architect in Hamburg, Manchester and London. Then I returned to the Netherlands. The subtle differences between these countries interest me more than their similarities.
This is also true with the materials I utilize. First my emphasis was on steel and glass, later it shifted towards wood and natural materials. These require knowledge and understanding, especially the natural ones. With timber, each kind of wood and even each tree used is a bit different.
My work with private client inspires me because each person has his own input. In Almere I researched this, and I have more faith in a differentiated built environment resulting from many small decision makers than a homogenous one that was imposed upon us.